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What is a Salon Suite?

A salon suite is a mini salon that allows beauty professionals (from all beauty industries) to own their own salon without the risk, overhead and expenses that come with owning an entire building or salon.  In short, a salon suite is a place you rent from us, the business within that room is yours and you're in charge of how to run it. 

What is the benefit of owning my own suite?

Owning your own suite gives you the freedom to call your own shots.  This is your business, you have the freedom to decide your prices, products to sell and have full control of the hours you work.  Our premier location provides you a well-appointed private suite where your personality and style will shine.  Everything is included in one low weekly lease payment.

Can I share a suite with another professional?

Yes, we have suites in various sizes to accommodate the needs of our salon professionals.  For more detailed information, please call (407) 225-3008  for availability.

Can I decorate or paint my suite?

A. Yes, at Flair Salon Suites we expect you to express your personal "Flair" in all aspects of your business.

What are the hours of operation?

A. At Flair Salon Suites you will have 24/7 access to you suite.  We provide an after hours security alarm system so you and your client can feel comfortable inside the building any time.   Of course, each suite is individually locked. 

Does Flair Salon Suites provide support?

A. Yes, at Flair Salon Suites, you are independent, not alone.  Each professional has complimentary access to the Flair  Salon Suites App.  Manage your entire business with this valuable tool.   From your own web-page to keeping client information organized, making appointments, tracking your retail inventory, keeping you connected on social media and to providing access to credit card pressing at some of the lowest rates.

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